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Retrovirus Update 1.05491

This great-looking shooter has a very Descent look to it, so I may end up buying it. Give a try to Retrovirus now that it has a new update:

  • Reduced network traffic for all cooperative and multiplayer modes
  • Reduced memory footprint after switching levels
  • Added new MOBA map: Transit
  • Added Multiplayer announcements for MOBA, Domination and multi-kills
  • Added level scan progress to message log window
  • Added Domination and Team Deathmatch support to some Deathmatch levels
  • Improved dedicated server, including auto restart feature
  • Improved placement of corruption in some campaign levels
  • Improved joystick support
  • Improved readability of control binding screen
  • Improved 3DVision passive stereographic rendering (currently best with Low lighting detail)
  • Replaced MOBA creeps with switching bots
  • Fixed missing weapon after re-loading levels on which the weapon was acquired
  • Fixed Steamworks achievements not being uploaded
  • Fixed tutorials showing only default keyboard controls
  • Fixed co-op spawning times lasting too long during extended engagements
  • Fixed some co-op spawn points inside objects
  • Fixed smoke bomb allowing many smoke screens and reducing performance