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Path of Exile Update 0.10.2

I’ve skipped a few patches from Path of Exile because I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing most gamers want to know about. Specifically, a beta or pre-beta free-to-play game that one can sign up to play in now. It’s a great game, and I think well past what you would expect from a release number, but I’ve still gone back and forth in my mind with whether or not to cover it.

Today, I’ll give it a mention and see what other gamers think about this one. All that to bring you this (massive) list of updates in Path of Exile patch 0.10.2:


  • Added a new Intelligence Skill – Incinerate: Launches a torrent of fire from your hand. The longer you repeatedly cast the spell from the same location, the larger and more damaging the flames become.
  • Added a new cosmetic microtransaction effect – Blue Flame Incinerate: Replaces the standard flame of Incinerate with a ghostly blue fire.
  • Added a new cosmetic microtransaction effect – Tiki Totem: Replaces the standard Spell Totem or Ranged Attack Totem with a coloured totem that has carved tiki designs.
  • Added four new Unique items, three of which were designed by our Diamond Supporters.
  • Added a new flamethrower ability to Snakes in the Dark Forest.
  • Monster packs in end-game Map areas have had their size variance increased.
  • The Solaris/Lunaris Temple tilesets have been improved and should now have higher performance.
  • Added a new 3v3 PvP arena. One of the other arenas has been disabled temporarily while we fix a problem.
  • Improved blood effects.
  • Improved the Ice Spear and Lightning Arrow effects.
  • Improved the performance of Ground Ice and Ground Tar.
  • Improved the gem icons to be slightly better from a colour blindness point of view.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects and environments.


  • The passive skill tree now requires confirmation before changes are applied. This prevents accidental misclicks. If you want to skip this confirmation, ctrl+click the passive and no window will be displayed.
  • We’ve added a “Lost Password” button to the main menu.
  • Pressing Ctrl+up in chat allows you to cycle through previous players you’ve talked to via whisper in this session.
  • Chat messages that are more than one line long now indent subsequent lines so that it’s harder to confuse other players with fake messages.
  • There’s now a /clear_ignore_list command that will remove all entries from the list of accounts you are ignoring chat messages from. Better management of ignore lists is coming in the future.
  • Players in an area are now always granted the quest status of having killed a boss regardless of who killed it.
  • The performance statistics overlay (F1) can now be bound to other keys.

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Champions of Regnum – Update and new content

The first update for Champions of Regnum is out, along with the Champions of Regnum: Realm Guard Pack. The update for this free-to-play MMO brings the following:

  • Modified: XP for killing another player has been raised 50%.
  • Modified: Creatures with “Normal” rating or less no longer evade players’ hits.
  • Modified: Mages and Arches initial weapons now have medium and fast speeds respectively.
  • Modified: Some of the initial powers has been modified to make the first levels more dynamic.
  • Modified: Under level 11 Characters no longer require 15 days to be deleted. This allows new players to experience different realms.
  • New: “Brothers in Arms” Quest, rewards a 7 days mount and health and mana elixirs. – All Realms.
  • New: Visual effect over interact able objects when they are part of the current quest.
  • Several other improvements and fixes

Crimecraft Update

News from Steam is there’s an update to Crimecraft. For full details, we hit the official forum post about the update:

  1. Lottery
    • Removed Warden, Slayer and Specialist Lottery Tickets from Black Market. Added different Lottery Tickets for each epic weapon, armor set and combat AUG.
    • Added 12 new fully attached guns in the lottery.
    • Added 5 new epic cloth sets in the lottery.
    • Old Storm and Mainliner sets have been removed from lottery and players can’t get them anymore.
  2. Balance Changes
    • Assault Rifles:
      • Cabrese Fucilere accuracy increased and recoil reduced.
      • Silver&Smith AR2M1 damage increased to 21, up from 20, run speed increased, recoil reduced and its accuracy now suffers more from movement.
      • Wolf&Maus SG2 range reduced to 55 meters, down from 64 and run speed slightly reduced.
      • Black Sea Iapetus Yx damage increased to 23, up from 22, rate of fire increased to 660, up from 620, run speed slightly reduced, reload time reduced to 2.4 seconds, down from 2.6 seconds and its accuracy now suffers more from long fire rounds.
      • Raskolnikov ARS47 penetration reduced and accuracy significantly increased.
      • Valley Forge AR damage increased to 26, up from 25, range increased to 74 meters, up from 65 meters, penetration increased and its accuracy and recoil now gain more from aiming and crouching and suffer a little more from movement.
      • Silver&Smith AR2M2 rate of fire increased to 750, up from 700, ammo count increased to 3, up from 2, recoil reduced and its accuracy now suffers more from movement.
      • Wolf&Maus SG1 ammo count reduced to 2, down from 3 and its accuracy was slightly increased.
    • Other weapons
      • Hargan Bulldog shotgun rate of fire increased to 195, up from 185.
      • Oslo Ares LMG accuracy increased.
      • Exeter Noyau SMG run speed increased.
      • R-Sys Leopard Sigma SMG rate of fire decreased to 850, down from 860.
      • Silver&Smith A2M5 SMG reload time decreased to 2.2 seconds, down from 3 seconds.
      • Oslo Odin SR SMG reload time decreased to 2.5 seconds, down from 3 seconds.
    • Boosts:
      • Chimera healing effect penalty now depends on the boost level, up to -31% at level 50.
      • Strand now reduce maximum character HP by 30%, down from 50%.
  3. Other Improvements
    • Now player can use “use all” feature for a stack of containers or lottery tickets and open them all in one click.
    • Added an option to check ammo, boosts and ability AUGs before signing into a match. If checked – than a player with an empty slot in his active profile will get a warning when signing in a match. Players can find the option in the Options -> Game menu.
  4. AI:
    • Now AI takes Explosion Dampening Field into account, tosses less explosives inside of it and less likely use explosive weapon if a target is inside a field.
    • Added new ability for Champion Aggressors – they can use Explosion Dampening Field now.
  5. ATM:
    • There is no locked ATM tabs anymore. All locked ATM tabs become unlocked.
    • Significantly increased the number of ATM tabs a player can purchase for gold bars.
    • Players can’t purchase ATM tabs for in-game cash anymore.
  6. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the issue when the Regenerative Auto-Injector cooldown wasn’t activated correctly.
    • Fixed the issue when players lost a shootout match when they score a draw.
    • Fixed the issue that some Valley Forge assault rifles had wrong parameters.
    • Fixed the issue when Death Dealer class resistances were too low when in a match.
    • Fixed the issue when one sees that it’s possible to purchase an unavailable boost from item shop.
    • Fixed some issues with icons and text colors in the class shop and in the item shop.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 2.0 on Test

It’s an MMO, so you know you’ll see a lot updated, changed, or added in Update 2.0, now live on the Public Test Server. Instructions on copying to test are provided on the update announcement page.

Game Update 2.0 will be available for all players when it is released (Free-to-Play restrictions will still apply).

The Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion (which contains the planet-based story content and more) will have a separate, closed beta process which will not appear on the Public Test Server. We are also happy to announce that you will be able to transfer your character to PTS using the new PTS Character Copy Tool (instructions can be found below).

Additionally, players will have the option to advance characters immediately to level 55 from the Republic and Imperial Fleets (detailed instructions below).

Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 17

As expected for an MMO, this is a massive update covering an internet-ton of fixes and new content. Here is just a sample of what you get in Update 17:

Happy Birthday DDO!

DDO is turning 7 years old this year, and we’re celebrating by giving a gift to all our players! A birthday giftbox will be placed in the inventory of all characters created prior to Update 17. Simply activate the box to open a list of lovely gifts and pick the one you like best!

Return to Gianthold

Gianthold is now available for Epic level characters in addition to heroic level characters. The mysteries of the Draconic Prophecy await you!

Monster Manual III

A new edition of Monster Manual is available! Featuring more monsters for slaying, discovering, and mastering. Volume III is available in the DDO Store, and is free to VIPs! This edition of Monster Manual features more experience than ever before, easier deed objectives, and two new exclusive Creature Companions!

Introducing Augments

Augments are a new way to customize your equipment with additional bonuses and effects!

  • An item with an augment slot can have an Augment placed in it. A slotted Augment bestows an additional effect to the item for as long as it is slotted.
  • Augment slots will be introduced on some new named items, and randomly generated items have a 5% chance of having an augment slot. Some augments are also available in the DDO Store.
  • Augment Slots will appear in one of seven different colors:
    • Colorless Augment Slots can only hold Colorless Augments. Colorless Augment Slots can be found in any type of item.
    • Red Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Red Augments. Red Augment Slots can only be found on Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Blue Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Blue Augments. Blue Augment Slots can only be found in Armor, Robes, Outfits, Shields, or other off-hand items.
    • Yellow Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Yellow Augments. Yellow Augment Slots can only be found on Accessory items. (Ring, Neck, Boots, Belt, Gloves, Eyewear, Helmet, Bracers, Cloak, Trinket)
    • Purple Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Blue, or Red Augments. Purple Augment Slots can only be found on named Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Orange Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Red, or Yellow Augments. Orange Augment Slots can only be found on named Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Green Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Blue, or Yellow Augments. Green Augment Slots can only be found on named Armor, Robes, Outfits, or Accessory items.
  • You can replace a slotted augment with a different one by simply over-writing it with a new augment.
  • It is also possible to salvage a slotted augment and pull it back out of the item using a Jeweler’s Tool Kit (available from the DDO Store).

To learn more about the augment system, click here!

Eve Online patch 485832

New patch for Eve Online.

A huge list of patches in this update from the dev blog. Just a sample:

  • All Info Panels are now split into separate panels with their own identity icon
  • Each Panel can be customized into 3 different states:
    • Collapsed – By clicking the Icon in the top left corner
      • Panels that are collapsed can still be used by hovering the icon of each tab in their collapsed state. This allows players to interact with the full content of the tab in a tooltip
    • Normal – Normal state showing all content of the panel
    • Compact – Only showing the header of the panel with essential information
  • The order of the Panels can be customized by dragging the icons at the top of the screen
  • Each view state has a predefined default set up for the Info Panels and their order. These can be customized and will persist between game sessions.

For the full details, hit the official Eve Online patch announcement post.