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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 2.0.4

An unbelievable list of general, user interface, editor, and bug fixes applying to Windows and Mac versions of this real-time strategy standard. A small sample:

  • All-New Menu Screens
    • The User Interface layout, art, and graphic style have been completely revamped.
    • Players are now one click away from any major screen in the User Interface.
    • Many redundant screens and game modes have been eliminated.
    • More detailed information can be found in our Heart of the Swarm UI Update blog post.
  • Exciting New Replay Features
    • Watch with Others: Players can now watch replays with others in the same game.
    • Take Command: Players watching a replay together can also opt to “Take Command” of the replay and assume control of selected player armies.
    • Recover Game: Players can now choose trecover from a game that may have ended prematurely due to disconnection, input loss, or other abnormal causes.
    • For more details, see our New Replay and Resume Features Coming in Heart of the Swarm overview blog post.
  • Observer Mode Improvements
  • Model Preview Panes now animate with the model’s default animation, making effects easier to identify.

For the full multi-page list of patches, hit up the official patch announcement page on