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Worms Armageddon Update

Worms Armageddon gets this update to version It might seem like we just had an update for this game, but you’re probably thinking about the recent Worms Revolution patch. In Armageddon, we get the following:

  • Added support for loading WormKit modules.
  • Added an option to select a graphics API to use. Available options are: 8-bit DirectDraw, 32-bit DirectDraw, Direct3D 7, Direct3D 9 (CPU palette transform), Direct3D 9 (shader palette transform). The Steam overlay is now accessible when using the Direct3D API.
  • Added options to control vertical synchronization and enable additional assisted vertical synchronization.
  • The “/open” command can now be used to reopen WormNET games.
  • Translatable strings have been moved into external text files. Various translations have been updated with user-contributed improvements.
  • Various other fixes and improvements. A full change log with more details is available in the “Worms Armageddon Update Documentation” file included with the game.

March of the Eagles Patch 1.01

As I work on tracking down as many patches as I can to share, I keep learning about games which I’ve never heard of prior to seeing that patches are out for them. March of the Eagles is one of these games, a strategy wargame from Paradox Interactive, has just released patch 1.01:


  • Intercept works when moving to the province.
  • No merging of wars.
  • Changed retreat to have maximum days.
  • userdir.txt can now be used to set user directory (ie settings and save games)
  • Added minimize button to single unit panel.
  • low morale units cannot move into hostile provinces
  • Added disable sound and music separate and just not disable master.
  • Added weather effect on island fortress.
  • Flanks that flee during first hours of combat take more casualties


  • fixed Gameplay Small armies running around the battlefield that is quite hard to get rid of
  • fixed Naval AI: tries to blockage as much as it can even with a too small fleet
  • fixed Transport shouldn’t increase positioning as much
  • Naval ai more able to start blockades.
  • Blockade ai uses intercept
  • Fixed Spelling error in Military Access messages
  • Fixed Spelling errors in Tutorial Chapter 5, Page 7
  • Fixed [Map/Decision] Lauenburg, Berg & Kingdom of westphalia
  • Fixed Objectives review – adding and moving some objectives
  • Added validation data to ledger interface military tab to prevent CTD due to invalid army.
  • Changed some strange garrison related checks in combat system.
  • More guarantees from the ai.
  • Fixed Morocco does not have a capital
  • Fixed 2107: Guriev to Orenburg
  • Fixed Event Mustafa IV for OE
  • Fixed Map: Knin 945 complain
  • Fixed Missing Berg Ruler
  • Fixed Tooltip gives monthly replacement rate, but says daily.
  • Fixed Can’t create westphalia if satellites?
  • Fixed march to sound of guns to not teleport over blocked straits.
  • Fixed garrison correct retreat if attacked outside fort.
  • Ai redistribution of leaders.
  • Bombard phase more dependent of leader skill.
  • Fixed Unit Mislabeled in the French OOB
  • Fixed Map: cores changes
  • Fixed Unit Graphics are the wrong countries in the 2e Corps
  • Changed naval experience scale to match the 1 ship squadron size.
  • Added tooltip to single unit panel minimize/maximize.
  • Corrected retreat behavior when fighting at fort.
  • optimized owner area pathfind
  • large army ai
  • fixed leader frontage trait
  • automatic flank composition slightly better at getting commands.
  • starting relations between aus – tur better
  • peace ai more prone to accept good peace deals in long wars
  • peace ai more prone to demand peace deals in long wars
  • Fixed reserves getting targeted when they should be safe.
  • Fixed transfer subunit issue with “dead” brigades.
  • Fixed fault in checkhideinfortress.
  • Fixed AI peace offer occupied check and tweaked the spam frequency.
  • Remade faulty supply coeff + fixed tooltip.
  • Fixed culture map mode problems
  • Changed trigger tooltip to use X instead of * for false.
  • Changed so CallAllyActions localization ACTOR allways is the coalition leader.
  • Concede defeat victor prestige gain is now capped to the defeated prestige.
  • Hide in fort units will not automatic join combat in besieged province
  • Fixed repair at sea.
  • Fixed redundant “Battle of” in warscore tooltip.
  • Removed warscore tooltip battle entries with value less that 0.1
  • Fixed automatic return of expeditionary forces when not fighting wars together and not in coalition
  • Fixed AI regular army not to try to leave fortress under siege if no chance to win.
  • Fixed hiding in fortress not to trigger false when enemy is moving from province and thus attacking them.
  • Fixed dominant check to take the country with highest dominance score as successor. Second check is on country strength.
  • Fixed Danish generals: 4 new ones + 1 correction
  • Fixed Bavarian generals: 8 new ones
  • No ref count graphics optimization
  • Large army fixes
  • Long war peace deals.
  • Morale from out of supply not blocked.
  • Fixed Map: cores changes
  • Fixed Saxony generals: 5 new, 3 corrections, 2 moves
  • Island fortress interface fix
  • Army AI fixes
  • Added sveaborg as island fortress and degraded it to lvl 2.
  • Added extended island fortress tooltip.
  • CanBeAnnexed only calcs peace cost from citys and not all provinces.
  • Fixed rallypoint mapicons displayed not pruned by owner country.
  • Fixed naval rallypoint in militaryview to show up correctly when set on province with no valid landpath.
  • Tiny Soldiers(tm) fix.
  • Fixed reset of peaceoffer when using back button.
  • Fixed AI army missing invasion target.
  • Fixed Event 10070 not working
  • Attrition on zero strength brigades no longer removes the brigade.
  • Super small out of supply units can still get supplies.


  • Mod system from CK2
  • Fixed faulty mod file handling.
  • Fixed mod savegame paths.

Supreme Commander 2 Update

Wow, this is a huge patch list. Here’s the scoop on the latest Supreme Commander 2 update:

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Mass Extractor Veterancy – Securing and protecting mass deposits is now vital to mid-term and long-term gameplay. Base unit cost and base Mass output has been reduced to half of the previous values. Mass Extractors will slowly increase in effectiveness as they accumulate veterancy until at 18 minutes they double their effectiveness.
  • All units built at Land Factories have had their visual scale reduced by 25%.
  • Players are now able to see the health value of enemy units.
  • Fix for veterancy bar not displaying properly.
  • Fix for Illuminate teleport ability overwriting the transport ability.
  • Fix for Air units not receiving their LOS buff after being built.
  • Fix for Pullinsmash ability remaining active when placed in a transport.
  • Fix for some abilities to be activated more than once if activated very quickly.
  • Fix for redirector not redirecting nukes if the launcher was previously destroyed.


  • Updated the way the neural networks train. Integrated new neural network dataset.
  • Improved AI’s use of transports
  • Fix for AI bases not realizing their extractor spots were full.
  • AI is now able to build on floating islands and mesas again.
  • Fix for AI trying to expand to areas it cannot reach.
  • Fix for scouting positions that were under water.
  • Scouts will try to avoid defenses more.
  • Fix for AI engineers trying to reclaim something it cannot path to.
  • Fixes for AI microing.
  • Fix for AI determining a platoon’s min firing range.
  • Neural platoon code cleanup.
  • Fix for AI not building Aegis.
  • Fix for AI not scouting with land when it has an air factory, but no air units.
  • Changed the way the AI counts the number of air attack units it has.
  • Adjusted when the AI will build a radar in an expansion.
  • Changed the rate at which threat from mobile enemies decays.
  • AI platoons will now take threat into account again.
  • Added ability to adjust AI aggressiveness.

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Dota 2 Update

For those playing the early release version, Dota 2 has another big update:

  • Added region for South Africa.


  • Clinkz: Fixed Death Pact healing Clinkz under Ice Blast debuff.
  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon killing couriers
  • Sniper: Fixed Headshot not working on units like Spirit Bear, Warlock’s Golem, etc.
  • Sniper: Fixed Shrapnel doing slightly less damage than intended to towers.
  • Sniper: Fixed Headshot’s physical damage bonus being blocked by Magic Immunity.
  • Spectre: Added a short grace period to walking off the Spectral Dagger path before collision is restored
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed Magic Immune units being ignored by the AOE greater bash procs from Charge of Darkness and Scepter Nether Strike.
  • Tusk: Fixed some cases where Ice Shards could get units stuck
  • Wisp: Fixed Tether sometimes ending prematurely if Relocate was cast before Tether.
  • Wisp: Fixed Relocating units sometimes walking away to do a previous behavior.
  • Fixed Roshan’s aoe Slam damage type being physical rather than magical (and thus hurting Familiars).
  • Fixed creeps and neutrals sometimes not responding to long range spells.
  • Fixed Blink Dagger self-cast to work consistently.
  • Visage: Fixed a number of incorrect spell interactions with Familiars.
  • Fixed Cheese not having a cooldown
  • Fixed Cheese not stacking in inventory
  • Enabled Timbersaw in Captain’s Mode in Latest Version (Tournament Version next week)
  • Local games are no longer automatically unpaused.


  • Added sound effects to the Dashboard.
  • Added sound effects for various Tiny deaths.
  • Updated Mjollnir sound effect.
  • Updated Maelstrom sound effect.


  • Items held by the courier are now included in a player’s Net Worth.
  • Fixed the sorting of Teams List under the Community tab.
  • Fixed courier and ward previewing in the backpack.
  • Fixed the scrollbar being hidden when a schedule had a full page of tournaments in a single month.
  • Live games list now displays the game mode.
  • Fiery Soul of the Slayer’s custom minimap icon only draws for the player that owns the item.
  • Re-positioned end game survey to not block the chat.
  • Teams that haven’t played a team matchmaking game in the last 7 days will now show up as being “inactive” in WebAPI calls.
  • Improved performance of chat channels in the Dashboard.


  • Revised overhead Soul Assumption indicator.
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit AOE visual effect showing for enemies if the caster is hidden
  • Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Divine Rapier, Healing Salve, Clarity, Dust of Appearance, Bottle, and Bootes of Speed


  • Added Lion bot.
  • Added Omniknight bot.
  • Made a number of adjustments to loadouts and builds based on community feedback.
  • Bots now know how to use Rod of Atos, Tranquil Boots, Abyssal Blade, Heaven’s Halberd, and Veil of Dischord.
  • Bots will no longer go to the Side Shop with a full inventory if they aren’t willing to sell anything.
  • Generic summoned units (Necro units, Illusions, etc) now have basic bot AIs, so they can act independently from their owner.
  • Fixed bots interrupting their teleports.
  • Bots will be less aggressive when they have stacks of Sticky Napalm on them.
  • Bots will now only use Refresher Orb if they want to cast big ticket abilities.
  • Fixed Witch Doctor bot spam-toggling Voodoo Restoration when he simply wanted to activate it.
  • Witch Doctor is less likely to use Death Ward on units that are about to die anyways.
  • Bots now establish their lanes at 0:15 (changed from 0:30), which makes jungling the initial creep spawn eaiser without confusing them about what lane you’re in.
  • Bots will no longer go for runes that may or may not be there if it’s been a while since their spawn time.
  • When there are no wards up, bots are now smarter about only warding the closer rune location.


  • Added general support for importing any Ability/Spell related model. Currently just supporting Beastmaster Boars.
  • Reworked the “View My Submissions” page to better handle a large number of submissions (sorting/pagination/bug fixes)
  • Fixed submission preview images not being set correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where updating an existing submission could set incorrect tags on the submission.
  • Disabled the Workshop in the Test client to prevent confusion.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Update

An early-morning patch out for Sword of the Stars: The Pit:

New Additions

  • Two new monsters
  • Five new recipes
  • Four new items
  • Two new weapons

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed Shrinking Inventory / Dropped Item crash
  • Fixed Projectile crash
  • Fixed equipping/dropped armor crash

Other Fixes

  • Fixed various outlying issues
  • Greek letters on key-card doors no longer display when door destroyed
  • Characters wearing self-contained armor or who are immune to radiation no longer affected when in an irradiated room
  • Play Again remembers Difficulty setting
  • Fixed Hero SotSwich achievement unlocking prematurely

Other changes

  • Added reload value to weapon stats
  • Irradiated rooms now show effect for visual warning
  • Tweaks to auto-save to make it more robust
  • Three auto-save slots, one for each character class (meaning you can now have three different games on the go , one for each character)
  • Added mouse targeting for weapons
  • Increased force field belt duration
  • Added access to SotSDex in main menu
  • Decrypted recipes messages now unlock recipes in SotSDex automatically

Civilization V Update

I can’t believe I missed this Civilization V update when I posted about the Civilization V SDK update earlier. My apologies. So here’s the fix info:


  • If you build defensive structures in your city, then save and reload, the hit-point bonus would disappear.
  • Hun Battering Ram promotion which allows it to only attack cities is now lost upon upgrade
  • Civ5 Touch – Fixes the oddness when rotating tablets
  • Graphical – Fix issue with Rock of Gibraltar not showing up correctly.
  • Fix the bug where the Maya AI didn’t have to pick a different GP for each Baktun
  • Fix an issue on a city flip/gift which would cause loss of city plots forever.
  • Fixed a bug where liberated CS would not show their vote correctly in the Victory Progress UI screen
  • Fix graphics bugs when the game was restarted too many times in a row.
  • Shortcuts created through the launcher now function correctly.


  • Fix a crash that happens when an AI loses its capital, but still has units, so is still alive.

Towns Update

I have this game, and it looks really interesting, but I confess I haven’t played it yet. Nonetheless, here’s a bunch of changes in the latest updates for Towns:

Version 11a

  • Change:
    • Reduced the heroes appearing rate
    • All the roofs but the broken one and the straw one will block fluids
    • Cooking a fish now takes a bit longer
  • Fix:
    • Health points being reset to a living entity base stats while receive any effect
    • Snow birds missing graphics for older save games

Version 11

  • Add:
    • Citizen jobs and groups
    • Light items
    • Configurable FX and music volume
    • Fishing dock and fishing set items, used for fishing
    • Food variety bonus
    • “Interior” roofs
    • Possibility to set a square area for certain actions instead of a row (IE. planting wheat, building scaffolds)
    • New customizable priorities (move_to_caravan, build_buildings and feed_animals)
    • Toggable 3D mouse. Useful to build things on other layers than the current one
    • New walls and, a new wooden road item, a well and a pond
    • Ogre, werewolf, snickers, fire head and ghoul isometric graphics
    • New living, the Snoat! (Snow goat). It replaces the old reindeers and does
    • Flat blocks for the wheat and all the roofs
    • Chance to idle livings to move more than 1 cell
    • Animated living entities even when they do not move (birds, brownie bar rider, ghosts and fire head)
    • Enemies stats when you right click on them
    • New damage types and resistances to weapons, armors and monsters
  • Change:
    • Spanish names for the armor sets
    • Almost all the effects but the direct ones will not notify with a message when a living receives it
    • Military items are not displayed on the livings panel if the living have the graphic change effect (IE. Citizen turned to a pig)
    • Townies will stop the “Move to caravan” and the “Autoequip” tasks to eat if necessary
    • Big sieges will not stuck the citizens when search a path
    • Menu item “Delete” by “Delete scaffolds”
    • Dynamic pile/container configuration panel
    • Items and livings now are shadowed if they stand in a dark cell
    • Reduced drop percentage to heads and bones
    • Green block and green road now needs green color instead of yellow flowers to be built
    • Wooden block and Wooden moss block removed from the utilities type
    • Increased the difficulty of the last dungeon
    • Bone carver item has been removed from the bone armor prerequisites (still in the menu for save compatibility)
    • Now you can set the maximum stock you want in the “burn items” actions
    • Military prices increased a bit. Spider bow value reduced.
  • Remove:
    • Snow birds
  • Fix:
    • Empty group names no longer allowed
    • Mini issues/typos in the xmls
    • Citizens no longer will change their mining point after other citizens ends their mine tasks
    • Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died (over a stockpile)
    • Incorrect coins ammount was being displayed when loading a saved game (The issue didn’t affect the real coins ammount)
    • Occasions when a citizen has two rooms while changing personal room owner
    • Tooltips in a soldier panel when the soldier list is empty
    • Citizens won’t move locked items on certain conditions
    • Only 1 auto-production item was placed on the queue on some circumstances
    • Freeze when a wounded citizen uses a 2nd level dormitory bed
    • Projectiles data are loaded properly when you load a game (this avoids the “null sticks null” messages)
    • Equipment menus are no longer partly rendered out of the screen
  • Modders:
    • New tag on the livingentities.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on birds, brownie bat rider, ghosts and fire head
    • New tag on the items.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on windows and glass walls
    • New tag on the items.xml. It allows a numerical value (default 0). Used on items that produce light
    • New , and tag on the items.xml. It allows the values FULL, HALF or NONE (default). Used on items that produce light
    • New tag on the actions.xml. Possible valueas are true or false (default). Used on the “burn items” actions. This way the stock number acts as a maximum
    • Property “COLOR” removed from the graphics.ini

Endless Space Update 1.0.65

Another game I’m sadly unfamiliar with (but it looks great from what I’ve seen just looking it up), Endless Space gets a fairly substantial update to version 1.0.65:


  • Add-On introduction and illustration
  • Victory warnings alert messages
  • Improved blockade effects: now activated on guard and invasion only
  • New scrapping button for unnecessary improvements on the Empire view
  • Tax rate tooltip in the Empire view
  • Reworked game speed effects:
    • Outpost are converted into colony in 15 turns (fast), 30 turns (normal), 45 turns (slow)
    • Ownership progresses 2x faster in fast and 2x slower in slow
    • Bushido, revenge and other traits linked to a turn limit are now bind to the game speed
    • Locus point limit is now affected by the game speed
    • Invasion progress is multiplied by 2 in fast and divided by 2 in slow
    • Max Invasion Limit is now 50% in fast and 12% in slow


  • 4 new heroes with their own biography and illustration
    • Pirate
    • Deuyivan
    • Automaton
    • Virtual Endless
  • 1 new Technology
    • Gas Giant Transformation
  • 2 new Buildings
    • Deep Space Facility (G2G)
    • High Energy Array
  • 3 new Planet Anomalies
    • Hostile Dust
    • Endless Trouble
    • Humeris Insidentes
  • 4 new random events including stackable/escalating game events
    • Mad Scientist (G2G)
    • New Religion (G2G)
    • Sleeping War machines (G2G)
    • Endless Facility
  • 6 new Exploration Rewards
    • Pool of heroes is refreshed (G2G) reset or replaced
    • Unveil surrounding systems
    • Boost industry or approval (4 rewards)


  • Option to allow AI governors to auto-scrap buildings
  • Enhanced hero management
  • Better affinity and faction traits management


  • Fixed an issue with hero commander class skill tree that could lead to misunderstanding
  • Fixed an issue with hero pilot class skill tree that could lead to misunderstanding
  • Changed influence calculation to fix the bad value of the income applied during the first turn

Dota 2 Update

Another update to Dota 2 for those of you in the early access program:


  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Rocket Barrage firing while under effects like Disruption/Chronosphere/Doom/Hex.
  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon hurting nightmared units without waking them up.
  • Naga Siren: Fixed being able to purge Song of the Siren aura off of Naga Siren.
  • Nyx: Fixed Spiked Carapace affecting Juggernaut during Omnislash.
  • Outworld Devourer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment not draining enough mana from enemy heroes.
  • Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death not doing enough damage against strength heroes.
  • Fixed Maelstrom and Mjollnir being unable to proc if the initial target is Magic Immune.
  • Tweaked Neutral Creep chase timings for the two small camps.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in Mechanics I, including all known showstoppers.


  • Fixed holding alt causing smoked hero names to be shown on minimap when near truesight.
  • Fixed your status showing as playing a local bot game if you were spectating a game
  • Hero performance page is now sorted by total number of games played.
  • Fixed Dire wins in the Team Game History tab showing up as losses.
  • Fixed bug where Team Game History wasn’t refreshing properly.
  • The Teams List under Community now displays Teams in order of their most recently played match.
  • There’s now a dialog asking the player to rate their currently-used hero build (if it’s not yet been rated).


  • Music now plays in spectator and replay modes.


  • Added Fiery Soul of the Slayer item for Lina.