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Sword of the Stars: The Pit Update

An early-morning patch out for Sword of the Stars: The Pit:

New Additions

  • Two new monsters
  • Five new recipes
  • Four new items
  • Two new weapons

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed Shrinking Inventory / Dropped Item crash
  • Fixed Projectile crash
  • Fixed equipping/dropped armor crash

Other Fixes

  • Fixed various outlying issues
  • Greek letters on key-card doors no longer display when door destroyed
  • Characters wearing self-contained armor or who are immune to radiation no longer affected when in an irradiated room
  • Play Again remembers Difficulty setting
  • Fixed Hero SotSwich achievement unlocking prematurely

Other changes

  • Added reload value to weapon stats
  • Irradiated rooms now show effect for visual warning
  • Tweaks to auto-save to make it more robust
  • Three auto-save slots, one for each character class (meaning you can now have three different games on the go , one for each character)
  • Added mouse targeting for weapons
  • Increased force field belt duration
  • Added access to SotSDex in main menu
  • Decrypted recipes messages now unlock recipes in SotSDex automatically

Towns Update

I have this game, and it looks really interesting, but I confess I haven’t played it yet. Nonetheless, here’s a bunch of changes in the latest updates for Towns:

Version 11a

  • Change:
    • Reduced the heroes appearing rate
    • All the roofs but the broken one and the straw one will block fluids
    • Cooking a fish now takes a bit longer
  • Fix:
    • Health points being reset to a living entity base stats while receive any effect
    • Snow birds missing graphics for older save games

Version 11

  • Add:
    • Citizen jobs and groups
    • Light items
    • Configurable FX and music volume
    • Fishing dock and fishing set items, used for fishing
    • Food variety bonus
    • “Interior” roofs
    • Possibility to set a square area for certain actions instead of a row (IE. planting wheat, building scaffolds)
    • New customizable priorities (move_to_caravan, build_buildings and feed_animals)
    • Toggable 3D mouse. Useful to build things on other layers than the current one
    • New walls and, a new wooden road item, a well and a pond
    • Ogre, werewolf, snickers, fire head and ghoul isometric graphics
    • New living, the Snoat! (Snow goat). It replaces the old reindeers and does
    • Flat blocks for the wheat and all the roofs
    • Chance to idle livings to move more than 1 cell
    • Animated living entities even when they do not move (birds, brownie bar rider, ghosts and fire head)
    • Enemies stats when you right click on them
    • New damage types and resistances to weapons, armors and monsters
  • Change:
    • Spanish names for the armor sets
    • Almost all the effects but the direct ones will not notify with a message when a living receives it
    • Military items are not displayed on the livings panel if the living have the graphic change effect (IE. Citizen turned to a pig)
    • Townies will stop the “Move to caravan” and the “Autoequip” tasks to eat if necessary
    • Big sieges will not stuck the citizens when search a path
    • Menu item “Delete” by “Delete scaffolds”
    • Dynamic pile/container configuration panel
    • Items and livings now are shadowed if they stand in a dark cell
    • Reduced drop percentage to heads and bones
    • Green block and green road now needs green color instead of yellow flowers to be built
    • Wooden block and Wooden moss block removed from the utilities type
    • Increased the difficulty of the last dungeon
    • Bone carver item has been removed from the bone armor prerequisites (still in the menu for save compatibility)
    • Now you can set the maximum stock you want in the “burn items” actions
    • Military prices increased a bit. Spider bow value reduced.
  • Remove:
    • Snow birds
  • Fix:
    • Empty group names no longer allowed
    • Mini issues/typos in the xmls
    • Citizens no longer will change their mining point after other citizens ends their mine tasks
    • Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died (over a stockpile)
    • Incorrect coins ammount was being displayed when loading a saved game (The issue didn’t affect the real coins ammount)
    • Occasions when a citizen has two rooms while changing personal room owner
    • Tooltips in a soldier panel when the soldier list is empty
    • Citizens won’t move locked items on certain conditions
    • Only 1 auto-production item was placed on the queue on some circumstances
    • Freeze when a wounded citizen uses a 2nd level dormitory bed
    • Projectiles data are loaded properly when you load a game (this avoids the “null sticks null” messages)
    • Equipment menus are no longer partly rendered out of the screen
  • Modders:
    • New tag on the livingentities.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on birds, brownie bat rider, ghosts and fire head
    • New tag on the items.xml. Possible values are true or false (default). Used on windows and glass walls
    • New tag on the items.xml. It allows a numerical value (default 0). Used on items that produce light
    • New , and tag on the items.xml. It allows the values FULL, HALF or NONE (default). Used on items that produce light
    • New tag on the actions.xml. Possible valueas are true or false (default). Used on the “burn items” actions. This way the stock number acts as a maximum
    • Property “COLOR” removed from the graphics.ini

The Witcher 2 Patch 3.3

I haven’t played The Witcher 2 in quite some time. I didn’t even realize it was still getting updates, but here’s the announcement of the update:

Last year, during summer and then again in the winter, we released two small modifications for players who bought The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Steam [Modifications of Signs: Quen and Aard]. Today we’re bringing them to you as a single update for all versions of our game. Both of the in-game changes must be triggered properly before using them, and we’ve included some clues below if you’re in the mood to solve some riddles:

“Midaëte, or Midsummer, is the day of the summer solstice and marks the beginning of the first month of summer in the elven solar calendar. Elves believe that all things under the sun occur in cycles. After Midaëte the days grow shorter and the dying commences – to last until the winter solstice. Summer Shrines erected on this day give praise to the sun and life, while acknowledging death’s certainty.”

“After Midinváerne, or Midwinter, the day of the winter solstice, the days grow longer. According to the elves, Midinváerne marks the beginning of a new cycle: the sun gradually gains power and all things beneath it are born once again. Winter Shrines erected on this day celebrate the revival of light and life, but also honor the winter, as death and resurrection are two sides of the same coin.”

If the clues don’t help you enough, you can read specific tips in a couple of the comments about the patch. Also, get the full patch details and download instructions from the patch notes page. Finally, note that you *MUST* be updated to patch 3.2 before applying patch 3.3.