Guns of Icarus Online Update

Update 1.1.5 is out for this indie action game:


  • Added support for most character sets in chat, including Cyrillic alphabet
  • Added AI name tags with class indicator
  • Announce part destructions and kills from the Tar Barrel skill (as with ramming, destructions are credited to the player on the helm)
  • Spectators: new UI providing detailed information on ships and crew.
  • Spectators: always show crewmembers on a ship you’re orbiting


  • Rebalanced rebuild game so that engines are slightly easier to repair than before.

Fixes and Optimization

  • Fixed excessive lens distortion on high-zoom scoped weapons (e.g. Mercury)
  • Fixed gun rotation bug that led to shots not going where expected when the gun was rotated partially in both axes
  • Enabled new packet CRC functionality; this should fix router-specific disconnection errors (WRT54G and others)
  • Made a number of server fixes to improve performance and reduce/eliminate slow-time:
    • Eliminated the (completely pointless) physics cost for spectators
    • Improved physics performance in general
    • AI crewmembers raycast for line-of-sight less frequently
    • Improved networking performance; in particular, the amount of load per-user-per-object has been reduced.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to asset loading
  • Fixed a bug where map name would not update after a vote
  • Fixed a number of Explicit AFK bugs, particularly related to respawn
  • Made several changes to graphics options (will be reset to default values):
    • Excessive/redundant entries in graphics options removed
    • Fixed a bug with initial resolution detection
    • Fixed several bugs related to resolution settings
  • Fixed an issue where AI gunners would not perform the correct line-of-sight check under 300 meters
  • Fixed shader issue that could cause aliasing around objects silhouetted against smoke particles
  • Fixed trails so they properly fade out.

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