Worms Armageddon Update

Worms Armageddon gets this update to version It might seem like we just had an update for this game, but you’re probably thinking about the recent Worms Revolution patch. In Armageddon, we get the following:

  • Added support for loading WormKit modules.
  • Added an option to select a graphics API to use. Available options are: 8-bit DirectDraw, 32-bit DirectDraw, Direct3D 7, Direct3D 9 (CPU palette transform), Direct3D 9 (shader palette transform). The Steam overlay is now accessible when using the Direct3D API.
  • Added options to control vertical synchronization and enable additional assisted vertical synchronization.
  • The “/open” command can now be used to reopen WormNET games.
  • Translatable strings have been moved into external text files. Various translations have been updated with user-contributed improvements.
  • Various other fixes and improvements. A full change log with more details is available in the “Worms Armageddon Update Documentation” file included with the game.

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