Really Big Sky Update

An small update for pew-pew-pew action game Really Big Sky has hit the interwebz on Steam:

  • New controller code, should work with all controllers now
  • New fullscreen code and options
  • Any player can now take a Steam screenshot (if the Steam screenshot key is bound the default F12)
  • Updated logo
  • Optimisations for some users
  • New rendering effect
  • Tweaked the charge laser
  • Added support for Steam overlay
  • Fixed a bug with Player 4’s wideband laser
  • Fixed a bug that caused Peaceful Mode to end with 4 ships dead at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where aimlines would show up for ghostships
  • Fixed a bug with the reticule type couldn’t be changed
  • Fixed a bug where the narrator would activate co-op lines in single-player Peaceful Mode
  • Fixed a bug where arrow keys couldn’t be used to control the Reticule Editor

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