Eve Online patch 485832

New patch for Eve Online.

A huge list of patches in this update from the dev blog. Just a sample:

  • All Info Panels are now split into separate panels with their own identity icon
  • Each Panel can be customized into 3 different states:
    • Collapsed – By clicking the Icon in the top left corner
      • Panels that are collapsed can still be used by hovering the icon of each tab in their collapsed state. This allows players to interact with the full content of the tab in a tooltip
    • Normal – Normal state showing all content of the panel
    • Compact – Only showing the header of the panel with essential information
  • The order of the Panels can be customized by dragging the icons at the top of the screen
  • Each view state has a predefined default set up for the Info Panels and their order. These can be customized and will persist between game sessions.

For the full details, hit the official Eve Online patch announcement post.

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