Elemental: Fallen Enchantress 1.3 Patch

Full of bug fixes, a new spell, UI updates, and balance and AI changes, the 1.3 Patch for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress is out. Some specifics (but by no means the full list):

  • Added the Majesty spell
  • Fixed a gamesave corruption issue
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed an issue that can cause bounding boxes to get offset (ie: you click on one tile/unit and it selects a different tile)
  • Slave Pen gives +4 production per material instead of +3
  • Labor Guild gives +6 production per material instead of +5
  • Refined Agriculture gives +10 food per grain instead of +5
  • AI is more aggressive about researching and completing the Spell of Making victory (maybe to likely, beware)
  • AI more likely to value lumber improvements as production boosts
  • AI players now sell their loot to the item shop
  • Reduced AI valuing of various treaties to get rid of the “If you pay me 120 gildarn I’ll give you trade agreement worth 1 gold per turn” popups

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