Champions of Regnum – Update and new content

The first update for Champions of Regnum is out, along with the Champions of Regnum: Realm Guard Pack. The update for this free-to-play MMO brings the following:

  • Modified: XP for killing another player has been raised 50%.
  • Modified: Creatures with “Normal” rating or less no longer evade players’ hits.
  • Modified: Mages and Arches initial weapons now have medium and fast speeds respectively.
  • Modified: Some of the initial powers has been modified to make the first levels more dynamic.
  • Modified: Under level 11 Characters no longer require 15 days to be deleted. This allows new players to experience different realms.
  • New: “Brothers in Arms” Quest, rewards a 7 days mount and health and mana elixirs. – All Realms.
  • New: Visual effect over interact able objects when they are part of the current quest.
  • Several other improvements and fixes

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