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Primal Carnage – Get to the Chopper Update

The Steam page announcing this update doesn’t have a lot of detail. The update includes a new game mode (unsurprisingly named “Get to the Chopper”) and a new skin. To celebrate, the game is also 66% off until March 13th at 10AM Pacific Time. Hit the Steam Store page for the game to see the new trailer and decide if this is worth your $5 (I’d suggest yes from what I’ve seen):

Primal Carnage has just received a new, free update called “Get to the Chopper,” aptly named after the new objective based game mode. In the “Get to the Chopper” game mode, human players must rush against the clock (and dinosaurs!) to take a series of objectives before they are able to be extracted by a helicopter.

The “Get to the Chopper” update adds four new maps and introduces a new playable dinosaur class called the Spinosaurus, both of which are specific to the new game mode. The Spinosaurus is a more powerful tank class designed to better defend against the humans in dire situations.

Lastly, every owner of Primal Carnage gets a Battle-Scarred T-Rex skin, which shows a bloodied T-Rex that’s seen its fair share of combat.

Magicka update

A mostly networking-focused Magicka patch is out today:

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow Alucart and Necromancers to be used where they weren’t supposed to
  • Improved the way in which players get revived during network play which previously had a high risk of making games desynch
  • Reduced the risk of crashing in scene transitions during network play
  • Fixed an issue where players using a 4:3 resolution ratio would get stuck in one of the scenes in The Stars are Left Chapter 3
  • Fixed a crash when players spawn too many entities using staff summoning abilities (guess)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if players skipped the credits in Other Side of the Coin
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in a cutscene in Chapter 12 as a result of freezing one of the bosses
  • Loading screens have been improved; many players report that they get stuck in loading screens, especially during online play. What actually happens many times is that the game loads a lot of things and it looks like the bar is stuck. This should now be better visualized.
  • Reduced risk of game freezing during different parts of the game
  • The Were-Zompire claws special effect no longer works on bosses
  • Fixed a localization issue with the Rogue Robe
  • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards for the “Invasion of Elwenhüs” challenge level
  • Fixed an issue where Vlad sometimes would disappear during his fights.
  • The Quick Join have been optimized to prioritize LAN games