Dota 2 update

For those who have bought into the early access program, there’s a new update for Dota 2.

  • Added Mechanics I for new players!
  • Added 7 new item sets to the Dota store.
  • Immortal and Tournament items can now be traded on the Steam Community Market.


  • Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs pulling more than just heroes inside the cogs.
  • Huskar: Fixed Berserker’s Blood not stacking at the proper health thresholds.
  • Keeper of the Light: Fixed Mana Leak accumulating mana loss during magic immunity.
  • Phantom Lancer: Fixed an issue where illusions made by a player on the other team would create uncontrollable Juxtapose illusions.
  • Tusk: Fixed a case where heroes with very small collision size could escape Ice Shards.
  • Tusk: Fixed a rare bug where teleporting could cause Walrus Punched units to end up in odd positions.
  • Fixed various aspects of Spectral Dagger logic being dispellable.
  • Fixed sometimes being revealed if your projectile hits the target after you become invisible with Shadow Blade.
  • Improved TP interaction with FoW
  • Fixed being able to get units stuck with Telekinesis and Vacuum around the rune area

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Crysis 3 Patch 1.1

An auto-update coming at you with lots of fixes, bringing Crysis 3 up to version 1.1. From the full notes, this offers the following fixes:

  • Fix for users getting stuck in the Pinger
  • Fix for Flashbang/Smoke grenade reactions not displaying in Kill Cam
  • Fix for crosshair becoming invisible after certain actions
  • Fixes for squads joining and disconnecting from servers
  • Fix for players being unable to fire or reload occasionally
  • Fix for users occasionally being able to hear VTOL damage siren constantly
  • Weapons retrieved from the ground now have the correct attachments
  • Fix for players getting stuck if ripping HMG off VTOL during destruction
  • Fix for being unable to detonate C4 after host migration on consoles
  • Fix for game not ending correctly if last opponent triggers a host migration
  • Fix for issue where sometimes rip and throw weapons would not deal damage in smoke grenades
  • Fix for relay in CTR becoming stuck if picking up relay during shotgun reload
  • Fix for icons disappearing occasionally in CTR
  • Fix for players occasionally spawning with wrong loadout in Assault (PC Only)
  • Last Man Standing no longer displayed in Hunter for players that have just died
  • Fixed issue with teams during host migration in Hunter/Assault
  • Significant optimisation to Medium detail settings (PC Only)
  • Particle optimisation (PC Only)

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