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Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 17

As expected for an MMO, this is a massive update covering an internet-ton of fixes and new content. Here is just a sample of what you get in Update 17:

Happy Birthday DDO!

DDO is turning 7 years old this year, and we’re celebrating by giving a gift to all our players! A birthday giftbox will be placed in the inventory of all characters created prior to Update 17. Simply activate the box to open a list of lovely gifts and pick the one you like best!

Return to Gianthold

Gianthold is now available for Epic level characters in addition to heroic level characters. The mysteries of the Draconic Prophecy await you!

Monster Manual III

A new edition of Monster Manual is available! Featuring more monsters for slaying, discovering, and mastering. Volume III is available in the DDO Store, and is free to VIPs! This edition of Monster Manual features more experience than ever before, easier deed objectives, and two new exclusive Creature Companions!

Introducing Augments

Augments are a new way to customize your equipment with additional bonuses and effects!

  • An item with an augment slot can have an Augment placed in it. A slotted Augment bestows an additional effect to the item for as long as it is slotted.
  • Augment slots will be introduced on some new named items, and randomly generated items have a 5% chance of having an augment slot. Some augments are also available in the DDO Store.
  • Augment Slots will appear in one of seven different colors:
    • Colorless Augment Slots can only hold Colorless Augments. Colorless Augment Slots can be found in any type of item.
    • Red Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Red Augments. Red Augment Slots can only be found on Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Blue Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Blue Augments. Blue Augment Slots can only be found in Armor, Robes, Outfits, Shields, or other off-hand items.
    • Yellow Augment Slots can hold Colorless or Yellow Augments. Yellow Augment Slots can only be found on Accessory items. (Ring, Neck, Boots, Belt, Gloves, Eyewear, Helmet, Bracers, Cloak, Trinket)
    • Purple Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Blue, or Red Augments. Purple Augment Slots can only be found on named Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Orange Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Red, or Yellow Augments. Orange Augment Slots can only be found on named Weapons, Shields, or other hand-held items.
    • Green Augment Slots can hold Colorless, Blue, or Yellow Augments. Green Augment Slots can only be found on named Armor, Robes, Outfits, or Accessory items.
  • You can replace a slotted augment with a different one by simply over-writing it with a new augment.
  • It is also possible to salvage a slotted augment and pull it back out of the item using a Jeweler’s Tool Kit (available from the DDO Store).

To learn more about the augment system, click here!


I haven’t tried this game out yet, but I really want to give it a go. Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to wait for a Steam sale. It’s hard to buy new games at full price when one has a huge backlog. A substantial patch direct from Steam (should auto-update for you) brings Impire up to version


  • Ch.1 Act 1: Fix camera out of bounds when placing kitchen.
  • Ch.1 Act 3: Gate not opening and crash during boss fight, and end of scenario
  • Ch.1 Act 4: Skulls Side quest and Golden keys side quests now work properly
  • Ch.4 Act 5: Resources will be gained provided you have access to the stockroom.
  • Fixes in stability. No more game crash at end of scenario.
  • Fixed Giving orders to units during combat, for both squads and single units.
  • There are no more Asserts, and other pop ups, except for unhandled exceptions which CTD and provide a .dmp file.
  • Fixed to two musics playing at the same time.
  • Fixed gui sliders not going through full range
  • Fixed being unable to equip runes.
  • Updated German Localisation.
  • Misc GUI fixes.
  • Fixed Camera out of bound problems, and when squads in world map.

Continue reading Impire

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 2.0.4

An unbelievable list of general, user interface, editor, and bug fixes applying to Windows and Mac versions of this real-time strategy standard. A small sample:

  • All-New Menu Screens
    • The User Interface layout, art, and graphic style have been completely revamped.
    • Players are now one click away from any major screen in the User Interface.
    • Many redundant screens and game modes have been eliminated.
    • More detailed information can be found in our Heart of the Swarm UI Update blog post.
  • Exciting New Replay Features
    • Watch with Others: Players can now watch replays with others in the same game.
    • Take Command: Players watching a replay together can also opt to “Take Command” of the replay and assume control of selected player armies.
    • Recover Game: Players can now choose trecover from a game that may have ended prematurely due to disconnection, input loss, or other abnormal causes.
    • For more details, see our New Replay and Resume Features Coming in Heart of the Swarm overview blog post.
  • Observer Mode Improvements
  • Model Preview Panes now animate with the model’s default animation, making effects easier to identify.

For the full multi-page list of patches, hit up the official patch announcement page on

Eve Online patch 485832

New patch for Eve Online.

A huge list of patches in this update from the dev blog. Just a sample:

  • All Info Panels are now split into separate panels with their own identity icon
  • Each Panel can be customized into 3 different states:
    • Collapsed – By clicking the Icon in the top left corner
      • Panels that are collapsed can still be used by hovering the icon of each tab in their collapsed state. This allows players to interact with the full content of the tab in a tooltip
    • Normal – Normal state showing all content of the panel
    • Compact – Only showing the header of the panel with essential information
  • The order of the Panels can be customized by dragging the icons at the top of the screen
  • Each view state has a predefined default set up for the Info Panels and their order. These can be customized and will persist between game sessions.

For the full details, hit the official Eve Online patch announcement post.